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‘moving Image' , Gallery Januar 기획초대개인전 전시평문, 2007년 _ Art historian – Dr. Ulrich Fernkorn

„There“ / 울리히 페른코온 (독일평론가,쿤스트페어아인 야누어 )

- ‘moving Image' , Gallery Januar 기획초대개인전 전시평문, 2007년

During 2004, Kim Mi-Ryeon made 1-Channel video works „Being“ The“Mouth“ „TheCycle“ and also „The Atlas“ from 2005 are based on animated drawings.

´ There´from 2007 has less drawn elements and more filmed reality.While the earlier works were projected on a rectangular wall through a beamer, thevideo installation ´There´ will project its pictures in shape of an oval from the ceilingonto the floor.

This way the observers will have, the same perspective a the artist when sherecorded it.

The shape of the floor is congruent to the projected video installationand is made of white salt.The salt however only serves as a secondary function.

People could associate thesalt with cleaning or in Asian countries even with scaring evil ghosts away.

But actually the salt serves as a very well structured bright canvas based on itsgranularity.

It’s bring white color also reflects the projected light diffuse-mild into theroom.

The pictures are from a park in Düsseldorf, the so-called swan mirror (orig.Schwanspiegel) of Museum K21.

The camera is held still and the pictures are of thesurface of water, which reflects the nearby trees and the leaves on water.Besidethe dark spots on the surface one sees also the fish that swim in water.

Themovement is neither slow nor fast so that one can perceive every movementclearly.

Kims moving picture remind one of Monet´s paintings of sea roses.

Theframe is below the horizon, so that the image of the landscape reflected on thewater surface and the actual landscapes melt together.

The oval form of the picturedraws the attention of the observers to the movement of the nature.It opens thepossibility of a meditative perception of natural forms, so that one becomes onewith nature without any pressure or pragmatism.

The flow of the outer world caninfluence ones senses so that the consciousness is cleansed from its daily troubleor thoughts by the flow and movement of the nature presented in the videoinstallation.

WAZ 신문기사

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